Warm Chicken & Pesto Pasta

I love making Pesto pasta. Its just so quick & easy, & my kids love eating it too… Always a bonus for a tired mom. But on these cold wintery evenings I want something warm & comforting, so here’s my go-to warm chicken & pesto pasta recipe…

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Wedding or Marriage… (& self)

We met in January 2001 through our church friends, and got married in September 2005 out in the bush on my family farm.
The ceremony was under the ancient Milkwood trees that grow together to make a church-like shelter. The larger domed ones next door is where we ate a celebratory braai afterwards.

Photos were taken in the fynbos, open fields & in front of the ruined stone house from my grandfather’s time. The register was signed in the hunting lodge just out of sight (& vows repeated to make it legal). My dad had to build the road out to the bushes twice because the first one was washed away by a freak flood. My mom was a nervous reck, convinced we’d have bad weather. But it was a beautiful South African spring day and the storm only broke as we were driving to our honeymoon, giving almost enough time to get everything packed up first.

Only the cake I had painstakingly planned for 6 months flopped & appeared covered in pink icing & foreign flowers… Instead of dark chocolate & fynbos, but it still tasted great. As it arrived & everyone watched me, I just kept reminding myself that all that really mattered was leaving there married to Steve – the only man I’d ever considered submitting to (not that I’m at all good at that).

And then married life started.

We spent nearly 5 years getting to know each other, worked through a book on pre-engagement preparation, two marriage preparation courses (I don’t believe in half measures), and an interesting 2 week honeymoon during which I accentally ingested some Bankok canal water (not advisable), and spent a few enlightening (mentally and in terms of weight) few days and nights crouching in the bathroom with my husband reciting his marriage vows to himself as he nursed me back to life… ‘For better or worse, in sickness & in health…’.

I won’t say that any of it was waisted or pointless, it did go someway towards preparing me for marriage. But… Often in those first two years it felt like all that preparation was a bit like taking a cat lover to the zoo for the day and then leaving her to live with a pride of lions for the rest of her life. There seemed some vague similarity, yet also a large disconnect.
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Why I teach under 5’s now…

So I lectured for 5 years, & I got my degree in Higher Education Cum Laude. As with most jobs, I has some who loved me & some who hated me. The thing I’d like to point out is that the hatred seemed to be mostly due to my determination to EDUCATE… Something that took a while for me to understand.

Who did these objections come from?
Interesting question. My colleagues, superiors, students & even their families. In general, there is a gross misunderstanding about what education is, and what it should be. I am still slightly haunted by the fact that bailing means that the shallow, meaningless politics of it all got an extra point; but I do hope that the 9 months I spent finding & preparing my replacement countered that slightly. I was simply running out of energy for the fight, and it was a fight much needed. Continue reading

Tuna Avo salad for busy moms

This is a very easy fall back lunch for those mad rush days. Its versatile, tasty, and is both faster and healthier than fast food or most processed foods. (For an even healthier option use cooked sea food: fresh or left over from the night before).

1 tin of tuna drained
1 Avocado chopped into cubes

Mix together. Drizzle with lemon if you not serving immediately. No need to season for kids if using tuna in brine, but you can if you wish, esp. If its for adults.


Serves 1 mommy & 2 preschoolers.

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