Tuna Avo salad for busy moms

This is a very easy fall back lunch for those mad rush days. Its versatile, tasty, and is both faster and healthier than fast food or most processed foods. (For an even healthier option use cooked sea food: fresh or left over from the night before).

1 tin of tuna drained
1 Avocado chopped into cubes

Mix together. Drizzle with lemon if you not serving immediately. No need to season for kids if using tuna in brine, but you can if you wish, esp. If its for adults.


Serves 1 mommy & 2 preschoolers.

Today we added some cubed cheddar and 60g of plain ‘Crackles’ or ‘slangetjies’, which are a local crispy food made from pea and potato flour. They ass a nice crunch and a bit of starch, perfect for the girls after their swimming lessons.


In the past we have added blanched peas (esp. sweat & fresh from the garden); or cubed apples (granny smith & golden delicious work well for this). I’d love to try it with  beatroot, but my kids kids wouldn’t eat it.

Be adventurous & try adding what ever you’ve got in the fridge that tickles your tastebuds.

Later variation:




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