Home Made Bug & Rose Jelly Sweets

1 pkt flavoured jelly powder or jello (we chose cream soda)
3 sheets of gelatin
125 ml boiling water

Dissolve the gelatin and powder in the boiling water as much as possible in a microwavable glass jug. Microwave for 30 seconds at a time & then stir vigorously each time until it is fully dissolved.

Arrange your chosen ice cube molds on a flat tray & gently poor the jelly liquid into the molds. Leave to cool out or in the fridge.
Allow to reach room temperature, loosen the edges with the tip of a clean toothpick so that air can get into the mold, and then gently ease the jellies out.

We made these on a cool Autumn day in RSA (19C), so you might like to add an extra sheet of gelatin or 2 if you plan to serve them out doors in warm weather.

The flavoured jelly powder would normally be mixed with 450 ml of water.

The girls loved ‘making’ these even though they could only watch most of it.
The idea was inspired by Ro’s Bejewelled Jello Gummies on Nerdy Nummies.
My youngest is an absolute Ro fan, while the other is more into girly things like flowers… We went for a trade off of colours, themes etc. till everyone (incl. mom who already owned both the flower & bug molds, & all the green ingredients) was happy.


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