Celebrating new life in the midst of tradgedy

This weekend has been an extremely emotional one for me. We traveled to celebrate the dedication of a loved one’s baby, and stayed with family. I got to see about 40+ old friends, family & people connected to them in 28hrs…

In that time I was not only able to meet the new wives, husbands & babies who had arrived on the scene since our last meeting, but I was also caught up on the other, less pleasant news.

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Rainbow Smoothy

So all 3 girls are home this morning: sick!
Its the end of a LONG week & I’m clearly not able to do my preferred Friday lunch – the only fast food or sandwiches day. These kids need real nutrition & I need a fun way to get it into them without loosing my cool….

A pic posted by Dirtgirlworld on Facebook reminds me of a mouthwatering post a while back… = inspiration. & so we have rainbow smoothies for lunch.

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Which God do you choose to remember?

Last night my husband read Deuteronomy 32 to me. Wow!
We sometimes sing the first part of Moses’ song:

ascribe greatness to our God!
“The Rock, his work is perfect, for all his ways are justice. A God of faithfulness and without iniquity, just and upright is he.
Deut 32:3b&4

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Two Worlds of Parenthood:

This evening my husband came home, put his arms round me & asked howvmy day was. I nearly burst into tears, but I could not think of one particular thing to make me feal so utterly washed out, so I answered as honestly as I could “Not really particularly bad, but I don’t really want to relive it ever again.” He was puzzled, and quite frankly, I don’t blaim him.

When he pointed out that I had sounded up beat when I had called earlier to explain why the school had phoned him about me being 30min late to fetch my eldest (my record!), & I explained that I have to remsin upbeat when I have the kids with me. Still, I’m not sure even working moms would understand that, cause its got to do with the dynamic needed to carry two testy kids through a whole day… The worse the day, the more possitive the mum needs to be.

But I think the day pretty much summed itself up for me when my husband took the kids off for their bath & suddenly exclaimed loudly. He had just discovered that our youngest had gone to school with her pajamas under her other clothes. Continue reading

Honey & Almond Flapjacks (or American Pancakes)

Whether you prefer to eat dainty flapjacks as tea treats, or thick pancakes as breakfast, is your choice. I grew up with them for morning tea on the farm with my gran when lunch seemed too far to wait for, but encountered them under a different name on my breakfast plate while studying in the US. Personally I love them both ways, but the traditional ones don’t really love me so much. Or perhaps my digestive system just objects to all the highly refined wheat flour & sugar, with no fibre. So this is my personal variation that works equally well as breakfast & tea.
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Letter rice cakes for kids…

I was introduced to rice cakes while breastfeeding my wheat allergy baby. It was not an entirely welcome introduction, and I was rather relieved when I could give them up.
I was therefor rather surprised to find my girls fighting over some yogurt coated rice cakes decorated with icing stars, that they had been given at school. I realised that if a little star added such value, then perhaps this lady was onto something.

My kids absolutely LOVE their own names! They have it on their bedroom door, their lunch boxes, water bottles, even some of their shoes & clothes. The first letter of their own name is the first letter they recognise. They identify it early, & they love it with a violent and possessive passion. Why not harness that with an easy to make treat that helps them with their fine motor control. Continue reading