Letter rice cakes for kids…

I was introduced to rice cakes while breastfeeding my wheat allergy baby. It was not an entirely welcome introduction, and I was rather relieved when I could give them up.
I was therefor rather surprised to find my girls fighting over some yogurt coated rice cakes decorated with icing stars, that they had been given at school. I realised that if a little star added such value, then perhaps this lady was onto something.

My kids absolutely LOVE their own names! They have it on their bedroom door, their lunch boxes, water bottles, even some of their shoes & clothes. The first letter of their own name is the first letter they recognise. They identify it early, & they love it with a violent and possessive passion. Why not harness that with an easy to make treat that helps them with their fine motor control.

You will need:

Ready to roll fondant icing in your chosen colour/s
Mini rice cakes with chocolate or yogurt coating
Icing sugar for sprinkling
Rolling pin
Chosen letter cutters
(or templates & sharp knife – then you have to do it yourself)
A little cooled boiled water & a pastry brush for ‘gluing’ the letter to the coating.



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