Rainbow Smoothy

So all 3 girls are home this morning: sick!
Its the end of a LONG week & I’m clearly not able to do my preferred Friday lunch – the only fast food or sandwiches day. These kids need real nutrition & I need a fun way to get it into them without loosing my cool….

A pic posted by Dirtgirlworld on Facebook reminds me of a mouthwatering post a while back… = inspiration. & so we have rainbow smoothies for lunch.

(I went through a smoothie phase a while back & Ruth refuses to drink smoothies, so these are not presented as such though… They are rainbows in a pudding glass for lunch… )

Bottom layer: pale green = 1 Avo & water
2nd layer: creamy-white = peeled apple, ground almonds & a little water
3rd layer: orange = peeled & grated carrot, & a little water (I wanted to add orange but Ruth noticed & objected)
4th layer: strawberries & a little water
Top layer: frozen blueberries

The kids got about 1 generous Tablespoon each, except the blueberries were they got a bit less. Mine was closer to 100ml of each.
Rinse blender jug between each colour if you want to achieve relatively neat layers. I was in a bit of a rush as you can see.
Its advisable to make this for more than one person, because each layer for the 3 (about 2 adult portions) of us only just covered the min mark on the blender.



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