Chocolate Fridge Cake / Rocky Road Cake

I promised so many that I’d post this recipe after making it for Easter… & was a little horrified to find it still here amongst my drafts…

So here’s a very belated posting of my chocolate fridge cake, otherwise known as Rocky Road cake (mostly amongst my in-laws).
Pls note, I used double for the ring/nest cake for Easter… But usually use single quantity which makes one regular loaf or 2 – 3 smaller loaves depending on depth & filling volume.


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Appearances, bad days, community, & envy…

I had a little trouble focusing on my regular shop at my usual centre this morning, after a two week break on a very quiet island with no shops and very few people this time of the year. My personal space & sensitivity to noise & human bustle had increased more than I had expected.

When I was finally ready to pay for my parking, I found someone had left their ticket behind. I was actually quite relieved, & commented to the lady next to me that it seemed I wasn’t the only one having a day like that. I then carefully put the card on top of the machine for the person to find when they came back for it. But I found myself searching the crowd, trying to guess the owner as I wheeled my trolley to the car. No one seemed to fit my expectations…

As I got to my car, I saw a lady at her boot (trunk for Americans). It was the most immaculately packed boot of groceries I had ever seen! The bags were all colour co-ordinated and packed in a neat grid structure. I just stood & stared in awe, it was better than an add. I knew I could never be that organised, not even on my good days.

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