Belief, certainty, assurance… & fundamentalism?

Recently I was interrogated about what I believe, & one question struck me: Would you say that you are a fundamentalist?

I’ve been thinking about why SHE thought I might be a fundamentalist, or at least more of one than her; and what makes the differnce between a believer & a fundamentalist of ANY religion/philosophy/worldview.

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Me, Mine & Irene… An informal, formal dinner party

My friend Irene (fashion designer & lecturer) is doing a course in creative problem solving through coursera… & I got to join in the fun last weekend because she needed someone to document her assignment.

My introverted husband was stuck choosing between having the kids on his own over lunch time as well as the afternoon (I had an afternoon appointment), or joining our little spectacle. Everything was already set up by the time he & the kids arrived, so I think it was probably less traumatic than expected… But I found it thoroughly exhilarating.

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