The Horns: my newly famous, old friends

I’ve known the Horns since I got an urgent email from my church just after they arrived in Cape Town, nearly five years ago…

And now they have a music video trending on Youtube, & various web articles guessing at their identity.

So who are these mysterious Horns?

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Race, change & forgiveness

Yesterday I went to do some early Christmas shopping while the girls were at school; but as I was leaving, I had an unpleasant encounter. And it as all about race, & entirely blind-sided me.
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Advent Calendar: the meaning of Christmas

My pre-schoolers & I made these little advent cards last year in preparation for advent. We used clothes pegs to hang them & corresponding gifts, & each day they got to open one.

This year I thought I would do something a little different & easier to take with us when we go away for a bit before Christmas… I stuck each card over a hole in a muffin tin.
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Relationships, love & disaster

5 months ago, it seemed like quite a few friends (friends of friends/acquaintances) were having serious marriage troubles. So much so, that I wrote a post about marriage (Wedding or Marriage… & self ).

What I didn’t feel at liberty to post on until now, was the news I got with in my own family the Saturday after posting that piece. With this issue still plaguing me, I now poor out my heart before you…

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Lego Art: Art of Brick

I’m really excited about the Lego Art exhibition coming to Cape Town in December!

Here are the links to the exhibit info, & a competition for tickets to go see it.

Cape Town tourism:


Computicket (to buy for yourself):d