The Horns: my newly famous, old friends

I’ve known the Horns since I got an urgent email from my church just after they arrived in Cape Town, nearly five years ago…

And now they have a music video trending on Youtube, & various web articles guessing at their identity.

So who are these mysterious Horns?

They are a family, well actually the video only includes the parents, and not my beloved Hornlets or their designer uncle.

Pappa Horn is also assistant pastor at Holy Trinity Church, a block above the Gardens Centre in town. He has however got very broad secular career experience behind him (including garbage collector during his time in the USA).

Mamma Horn is no typical pastor’s wife, as you may gauge by the lyrics she wrote for their new hit. She was already well known in our midst for (in chronological order) giving birth a little unexpectedly very shortly after arriving in Cape Town for her husband’s theological studies; her contributions to the music team; her entertaining & charming two older boys (the eldest is 4 & has his own compositions on the net); and surviving the rather premature birth of her third little miracle boy. Other achievements include surviving the worst morning sickness I have ever encountered, 3 times, & always for the full duration!

Apart from the trending video, (& their boys), their greatest achievements are:
Choosing me as a friend!
Allowing me to find them a house near mine, & giving in to my desire for them to take it.
Allowing me to teach their eldest 2 at Church, and finally, to allowing me to look after them while the youngest was in hospital (& not objecting to me being referred to as their other mommy).

How we met:
I’d heard that our church was going to be looking out for a new student at GWC, but since that happens all the time, I didn’t take much note. I figured I’d meet them when they were down here & arrived in our church, and I was a wee bit busy with my eldest & my morning sickness (which I thought was bad). Then THAT email arrived!

It was not the arrival welcome I had been expecting. This mail was less focused of the couple who had just arrived at college, and was significantly more focused on the son that had just arrived… It was an urgent call for an emergency baby shower focused on practical gifts, and a plea for any second hand baby things. This immediately put them in a slightly different category to the other students we’d had.

When a similar plea came later because their student accommodation had burned down due to the neighbor’s electric blanket malfunctioning, I had already met them, and it was already clear that they were going to be prominent on our prayer list more often than not.

They are now almost neighbors (we do not have electric blankets, so hopefully no worries there); firm friends; accomplices in Ingress, x-men movies, & slightly unconventional humor.

What you may not know about the music video:
It was all done in one take at church, and the voices at the end are their normal voices. The accent in the song borrows from years spent in Bloemfontein, and is fairly accurate due to their musical ear. They actually are very musical & regularly bless our community with their singing or keyboard playing (& their son amuses us with his piano renditions).
The video was intended as a fun Christmas wish for friends & family. Some of these friends & family (like me), recognized its worth & superiority to anything we could quickly conjure up, & quickly shared it with our friends & family… who did the same… Etc.
And if for some reason you haven’t seen their 12 Days of Christmas with its truly South African gifts, then treat yourself here.



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