My South African Christmas…

I used to enjoy the traditional carols because they were either about Christ’s birth, or else the images of snow etc which cooled me down & conjured nostalgic memories of my only December spent in the Northern hemisphere (New England, USA… 1996 blizzards!). With time though, the non-religious carols started to grate me.

At first I thought it was just the connotations of commercialization of my saviour’s birth; but the Horn’s song (12 days of Christmas, South African style – mentioned in and then a picture (below) on another friend’s facebook page made me realise something… Neither of these was any less commercial, yet I identified with them strongly. One December many-many years ago… It was great & all, but it is only one, & bears little resemblance to the others in my life

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Christmas, gifts & garbage

There are still parts of South Africa that do not yet use wheely-bins. Instead they put the rubbish on wooden pedestals (as above) to keep dogs from tearing the bags before the garbage collectors arrive. The most popular design for these looks a little like an over grown version of the mangers used when I was a little girl. Now I’m sure that at this time of year there are many who would eagerly object to my mention of this likeness, but I don’t think it inappropriate at all… & here is why:

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Songs for Saplings Christmas Giveaway…

My kids love their Songs for Saplings music, so I am confident in recommending it to you.

Right now you can download their music for free, or buy the CD’s at a discounted rate… So go check it out!

Their Questions & Answers series goes though the shorter westminster confession of faith, including the questions, answers & supporting scripture verses. The music is fun & varied (inspired by many types & cultures) & the singing is accessible to 4year olds & adults alike.

If you want to support their translation ministry or other ministries to spread these scripture songs, please do contact them.