Red Lips for April

Those who know me, know that I don’t wear make up. None! Not of any kind, unless absolutely forced (like my wedding, my husband’s formal work functions etc…). But I have committed to wear lipstick for the WHOLE of April!!! & not just any lipstick, but bright RED lipstick. But why…? 

Why make myself want to claw off my own lips (I really hate make up!)?

Well, I decided that if men can endure Mo-vember even when they hate the feeling of a mastache, then I can wear lipstick for a good cause… Even though it has meant wearing red lips to e beach, the water park, the gym… & even on laundry days.

The cause is good! RedMyLips is a movement to educate people about sexual violence, in the hope that it will eradicate myths & reduce such behaviour. 

It is hard to believe when you think about it logically, but most victems of sexual violence are blamed & even persecuted for the crime committed against them! While many perpetrators feel vindicated & justified in their behaviour. This is an injustice that not only destroys individuals, but impacts whole communities.  

No one has the right to rape or sexually violate another person! Ever! No matter what ther arguement is… (Except maybe if a rapist gets his genetals destroyed in self-defence… I guess that could be considered violation, but could also be considered justified…)

So when you see me (or anyone else who does not normally wear red lipstick) sporting bright red lips during April, be reminded that we are speaking out against sexual violence, & not ‘asking for it’ like so many people (men & women) seem to think!


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