Me & why THIS blog

I already have 2 other blogs, both on design. One on Biblical design, ie, design that is in keeping with Biblical principles, & then a newer more general one on design. These flowed from being a design lecturer & researcher before having a family to tend to.

This blog has demanded itself into existence because all too often I found myself writing the wrong content. Things that simply couldn’t fit either blog. This may sound odd to a non-writer, and maybe even to another type of writer, but I get writing compulsions, & simply cannot continue my planned writing unless I follow the compulsion to its conclusion. Sometimes my best lecture series or conference papers have been born that way, so here’s hoping that some of these posts will make for great reading.

Mostly they are about my struggles & tricks as a stay @ home mom, and more recently, my adjustment to having both kids in school and what that does to both my identity and my business as a S@H mom. But som may stray to my odd health struggles & quirky humour. I’m also starting gym again for the first time since getting married & am hoping to pick up a few books so those may spark a few posts of interest too. Perhaps I’ll add some of our crafts since thats what moms seem to do & we do LOTS of crafts (me being a former product designer & design lecturer).

I did spend 9 months as an assistant womens minister for our church before my eldest was born slightly prematurely. Amongst other things, this time taught me that God has a sense of humour too. The lady I was working under was trying to fall pregnant, which is why I was there, I was not… Fortunately she could continue my duties when I had to leave. Now I just teach Sunday school to the 1&2 year olds & occasionally help out with the Bible study at a home for elderly ladies.

On the whole, I have nothing to commend my ‘mommy blog’ from the millions on the net. But I love writing, being a mom & serving Christ; & I keep being woken up in the middle of the night with blog posts for this blog, so i hope that I can serve Christ better (& get more sleep) by getting on with posting them for you to read.


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