10 day Easter Countdown

In November I said I’d like to make an ‘advent calendar’ for Easter as an extention of our pictoral (& Scriptural) advent calendar. I may have under-estimated this task, & am therefore presenting a 10 day countdown, with the hope of extending it to 40 days next year.

Here is the propsed outline:

Day 1 (Friday  before Good Friday) dove &/or alabastar jar

Jesus the annointed one – Matt 3:16-17 & Isaiah 61:1-2 (Luke 4) & Matt 26:6-13


Day 2 (Saturday) bag of coins

Jesus betrayed for a bag of coins – Matt 26:14-16 & 46-56


Day 3 (Sunday) Rooster

Jesus denied – Matt 26:30-35 & 69-75 (Matt 26:56)


Day 4 (Monday) Black

Darkness – Matt 27:45-54


Day 5 (Tuesday) Red

Pierced for us – Isaiah 53:5 & John 19:31-38


Day 6 (Wednesday) Nails

Nailed to the cross – Colossians 2:13-15


Day 7 (Thursday) dead branch/wood

The curse – Galatians 3:10-14 (& Gen 3)


Day 8 (Good Friday) 3 crosses

Thieves – Luke 23:32-43


Day 9 (Saturday) Heart

God’s love – John 1:12-13 & John 3:11-21


Day 10 (Easter Sunday) Loud hailer

The Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20



I hope to post more detail on each day as we go along… So see you back here.



Rondebosch Potters Market tomorrow (Saturday 21 March 2015)

Entrance is free… Open all day, but arrive early to see the full variety before stalls sell out.

Where: corner of Campground and Sanddown, 7708 Cape Town, Western Cape

There is a playground in the corner to keep te kids busy, and food stalls if you want to make an outing of it.

Please feel free to reply with your thoughts about it, specially your favourites.


Power, & Power

South Africa is experiencing rolling blackouts due to some power issues. apparently we are unable to provide our citizens with the electrical power they need, & the blame for this has been passed onto various representatives of Power.

Some blame the current powers (Zuma & co.), Zuma blames the powers of Apartheid & even Jan van Riebeek. the blame shifting is enough to remind me of Genesis 3, when Adam blamed Eve, who blamed the snake & even God himself (not that van Riebeek deserves to be likened to God). But ultimately, there are more personal issues relating to power & electricity that we can (& should address as individuals).

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My South African Christmas…

I used to enjoy the traditional carols because they were either about Christ’s birth, or else the images of snow etc which cooled me down & conjured nostalgic memories of my only December spent in the Northern hemisphere (New England, USA… 1996 blizzards!). With time though, the non-religious carols started to grate me.

At first I thought it was just the connotations of commercialization of my saviour’s birth; but the Horn’s song (12 days of Christmas, South African style – mentioned in  http://wp.me/p4vHKE-4Y3) and then a picture (below) on another friend’s facebook page made me realise something… Neither of these was any less commercial, yet I identified with them strongly. One December many-many years ago… It was great & all, but it is only one, & bears little resemblance to the others in my life

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Christmas, gifts & garbage

There are still parts of South Africa that do not yet use wheely-bins. Instead they put the rubbish on wooden pedestals (as above) to keep dogs from tearing the bags before the garbage collectors arrive. The most popular design for these looks a little like an over grown version of the mangers used when I was a little girl. Now I’m sure that at this time of year there are many who would eagerly object to my mention of this likeness, but I don’t think it inappropriate at all… & here is why:

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Songs for Saplings Christmas Giveaway…

My kids love their Songs for Saplings music, so I am confident in recommending it to you.

Right now you can download their music for free, or buy the CD’s at a discounted rate… So go check it out!

Their Questions & Answers series goes though the shorter westminster confession of faith, including the questions, answers & supporting scripture verses. The music is fun & varied (inspired by many types & cultures) & the singing is accessible to 4year olds & adults alike.

If you want to support their translation ministry or other ministries to spread these scripture songs, please do contact them.