Power, & Power

South Africa is experiencing rolling blackouts due to some power issues. apparently we are unable to provide our citizens with the electrical power they need, & the blame for this has been passed onto various representatives of Power.

Some blame the current powers (Zuma & co.), Zuma blames the powers of Apartheid & even Jan van Riebeek. the blame shifting is enough to remind me of Genesis 3, when Adam blamed Eve, who blamed the snake & even God himself (not that van Riebeek deserves to be likened to God). But ultimately, there are more personal issues relating to power & electricity that we can (& should address as individuals).

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The Horns: my newly famous, old friends

I’ve known the Horns since I got an urgent email from my church just after they arrived in Cape Town, nearly five years ago…

And now they have a music video trending on Youtube, & various web articles guessing at their identity.

So who are these mysterious Horns?

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