10 day Easter Countdown

In November I said I’d like to make an ‘advent calendar’ for Easter as an extention of our pictoral (& Scriptural) advent calendar. I may have under-estimated this task, & am therefore presenting a 10 day countdown, with the hope of extending it to 40 days next year.

Here is the propsed outline:

Day 1 (Friday  before Good Friday) dove &/or alabastar jar

Jesus the annointed one – Matt 3:16-17 & Isaiah 61:1-2 (Luke 4) & Matt 26:6-13


Day 2 (Saturday) bag of coins

Jesus betrayed for a bag of coins – Matt 26:14-16 & 46-56


Day 3 (Sunday) Rooster

Jesus denied – Matt 26:30-35 & 69-75 (Matt 26:56)


Day 4 (Monday) Black

Darkness – Matt 27:45-54


Day 5 (Tuesday) Red

Pierced for us – Isaiah 53:5 & John 19:31-38


Day 6 (Wednesday) Nails

Nailed to the cross – Colossians 2:13-15


Day 7 (Thursday) dead branch/wood

The curse – Galatians 3:10-14 (& Gen 3)


Day 8 (Good Friday) 3 crosses

Thieves – Luke 23:32-43


Day 9 (Saturday) Heart

God’s love – John 1:12-13 & John 3:11-21


Day 10 (Easter Sunday) Loud hailer

The Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20



I hope to post more detail on each day as we go along… So see you back here.



Christmas, gifts & garbage

There are still parts of South Africa that do not yet use wheely-bins. Instead they put the rubbish on wooden pedestals (as above) to keep dogs from tearing the bags before the garbage collectors arrive. The most popular design for these looks a little like an over grown version of the mangers used when I was a little girl. Now I’m sure that at this time of year there are many who would eagerly object to my mention of this likeness, but I don’t think it inappropriate at all… & here is why:

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